Sweet Home 3D

3.4 for Ubuntu

Easily furnish and decorate a virtual home




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Sweet Home 3D is a complete, free, and open-source application that allows you to create 3D plans in complete detail of a house, an office, or any other building.

Sweet Home 3D's strength is its ability to add, move, or delete any element quickly while having a 3D view of the changes in real time.

For a more general view, Sweet Home 3D gives, simultaneously in 3D, a top view of the make up of the design, in an abstract representation, so you can easy managing.

All this makes Sweet Home 3D a very interesting application.
How to create a 3D representation of your house

We’ve already talked before Sweet Home 3D, a free multiplatform program that lets you create 3D plans of your house for either decorative or professional planning purposes, while being very accessible for users who’ve never worked with interior design assistance tools. Here we’re going to explain step by step how to create a 3D model of your house based on a blueprint, including the floors and the walls as well as the placement of furniture and lighting.
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